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Reduce storage costs and increase efficiencies by letting us handle all your warehousing needs. Logo Capital offers pick and pack services as well as inventory control and fulfillment. Whether you need to store in large volume or ship individual packages, we are able to provide seamless shipping solutions.

Shipping to multiple locations or drop shipping one product to thousands of locations
Trade Show assembly of materials to ensure an organized on time delivery
Inventory control gives you a 24/7 online view of products
Real time tracking from custom web portals
Storage that can be utilized for the long or short term
Assembly capabilities and custom packaging solutions


Creative Services

A successful brand strategy must be effectively planned and implemented. The aspects of design and business remain in separate spheres as companies struggle to develop a solid brand image to reach consumers in a deeper, more intuitive fashion. We bring the two separate areas together to form an all-encompassing strategy in order to perpetuate your corporate image.

Creating visual elements of the identity to function as part of the overall marketing strategy allows our customer’s brand to clearly communicate its purpose in the market and connect personally with their customers, communities, and employees. Our creative team will use this combination of design solutions and business tactics to communicate a consistent message to build a positive customer perception.

Uniform Programs

Logo Capital provides cost efficient, stylish, high-quality workwear solutions that service the most visible extension of your brand - employees. Our domestic & overseas sourcing, e-commerce, warehousing and comprehensive fulfillment capabilities provide a turnkey, cost-efficient solution to your uniform program.

Short-Turn Event Staffing
Multi-Tiered Uniform Programs
Custom Overseas Workwear
Large Scale Fulfillment


Logo Source

An integrated network of proprietary manufacturing channels
Innovative domestic and international manufacturing solutions to solve unique customer service challenges
A global sourcing advantage, resulting in major cost savings and enhanced buying power for Logo Capital clients


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